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Creating custom key board layouts for M$ Windows 7

Recently I got an army tank (Thinkpad X201 Tablet) with a japan Keyboard. I tried to change the standard keyboard layouts ― US, UK and Japanese, preloaded with windows 7 and finally ended up with this solution.This is the Microsoft Keyboard Layout (MSKLC 1.4,) by Microsoft

  1. Go to this link ( and download the MSKLC.exe
  2. Run the downloaded file and do the needful
  3. Open Microsoft Keyboard Creator
  4. Go to file — Load Existing Keyboard
  5. Untitled picturewe
  6. In the Load Existing Keyboard Popup window, select an existing keyboard layout you want to customize and click okUntitled picture1
  7. Make the final look like this by changing the existing layout as per your keyboard layout.  (Onscreen keyboard will be useful here ….)
    Untitled picture2
  8. Finally build the dll and setup package. And run the file.
  9. Untitled picture4
  10. From Region and Language window under Keyboard and Languages tab, click on Change Keyboards and select the one that is built.Untitled pictur5e